Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Church visits...and reaching the 18 year mark!

Sunday we went to visit a new church for us. A second pastor, who's church we pass along the way, heard we were going by and asked us to stop in for a few minutes to give greetings and drop off some Konsey books.

We arrived a bit later than planned as road work on Route National One, which runs from Cap Haitian to Port-au-Prince, occurs even on a Sunday.

 So we waited in an area where local lumber is placed beside the road to sell.

We made it to the Plaisance church in time for the call for visitors to stand up and be recognized.

After giving greetings we enjoyed special music from three different groups, the last group singing during offering.

Then the pastor took Cory and JeanPierre to see the construction where the church is being expanded, following which he encouraged us to take to the road so that we could arrive in time for the next service.

Boxes of Konsey books were left for the congregation.

We continued south until we arrived at the small church.

The Puilboreau, Grde Rivier Plaisanse, church stands on one side of the road and the parsonage the other. After greetings we enjoyed the service.

After service we looked over the property and then crossed the road to wait with the preacher for a bit of lunch.

He does not yet live in the parsonage as it has only been built in the last year or so.

Unfortunately, with the widening of the road, they do not yet know if the building will stand..or if the church side will lose more land.

With the exact lay of the road yet to be decided..they dare not plant trees to stop the continued erosion of the land.

After sharing some boiled plantain and yams with a chicken in sauce we headed home for Jean Pierre to work with the children's club.

Yesterday, we reviewed the district list of the northern churches.

Some of the names change now and then and some churches tend to go by the area or town more than the name.

We believe that we only have one more established church to visit, and a couple 'stations' and then we will not be 'first time visitors' again in the district until new churches are established.

Eighteen years ago we moved to LaGonave, with Eli.

This year we celebrated with Anna.

Think every area of our lives have changed: family, friends, this country, our ministry, our hopes and dreams, our faith, our scars...so many memories stir up a huge range of feelings.

One thing remains unchanged..our God, Lord, Savior, and Father.

While we don't understand many things about this life and every year may add questions...yet we trust Him.

He remains our Comfort in pain, our Leader in confusion, our Hope in waiting, our source of Love and Peace.

To Him any honor, glory, or praise sent our way during these years in Haiti, be to Him.

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