Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Beach Volleyball...

Often I don't go along because I know that there will not be enough space in the truck for everyone, but Anna wanted me to go so I said yes.

We tried to avoid any issues by requesting a list of the players going. We understood 4 guys, 3 gals, maybe 1-2 coaches...and 'a few little ones'.  No list showed up the night before...should have known better.

We should also have guessed that the 6 a.m start would end up being closer to 7.

Room for one more?
Plan A was to take in 2 propane tanks to be filled but knowing we would have lots of people, we loaded only one.... but still drama when it came time to go.

"There's room...there's NOT room..." The outcome: 4 older guys given money for motorcycle taxis, 7 in the cab and 7 more in the back, and at least one left behind.

We will INSIST on a list next time or give out tickets or something.

Picture is of a truck leaving the beach after volleyball, shows you a bit of the "normal" we're up against..."always room for one more". Those not yet on the truck still trying. The driver looked completely care-free.

It took us about 3 hours to get to the 'Little Miami' beach...as we stopped for propane, stopped at the volleyball director's house, stopped to wait for someone to lead us to the beach. No worries...the games didn't start for another 3 hours.

They raked the sand, dug up the sand, brought in more sand, raked again the sand in the court. Children ran around playing, practicing, talking and having fun. Lunch of spicy spaghetti was served to the teams and support people.

Games started around 1 p.m. VERY thankful for a cloudy day and cool wind from the sea.

Supporting Fauche's guys team #2.
Chatted for a bit with a gentleman working with Child Evangelism Fellowship out of Port-au-Prince doing some teacher training.

They had a group which met for 1 hour discussing children's clubs and dealing with children with attention deficit disorder and other disruptive issues.  There were also groups of children that had lessons and watched volleyball.

At first Anna was told that the second teams would not be playing...which meant she would not be playing.

Based on this information the top two gals, both spikers, were placed on the first game.

However, in time, the second teams were informed that they would be playing. Anna's partner is close to 6 feet tall and also a blocker like Anna.

Of the four gals who played only Anna appreciated the loose, long uniform shorts. We thanked her coach for not picking short-shorts.

Considering they only reviewed the beach volleyball rules the day before...and that some of the referees were learning them the day of the matches, we think everyone did very well.

Younger players
After playing Anna continued to watch the additional games and wishes to have both of the winning  Fauche team guys teach her-one to serve jump serves [shorter] and the taller one to help her improve her spikes. (note from Anna; the taller one happens to be my coach, so...)

In the semi-finals both for the gals and guys the 1st and 2nd Fauche teams played each other. Both 1st teams went on to win the finals.

So what about the 7 younger players who went with us...they ran around, had fun, practiced a bit, and ate.
Music and announcements...loud!

Guess we didn't have to feel as bad as we did not bringing the one we left behind!

Supper served spicy beans and rice with vegetable sauce and chicken drumsticks.

Shaved 30 minutes off our return trip with only one stop, attempting to beat the rain clouds home which we did with just a few sprinkles on the folks in the back of the truck.

Sound system for the day, conveniently portable in the wheelbarrow.

The Santa-Maria Beach Volleyball Championship was and "end of summer vacation activity" sponsored by the Innocent Children Foundation, theme being Matt 28:19. Go to all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father.

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