Saturday, July 9, 2016

Men's conference ....

Kodie doesn't like folks leaving
Three more buckets of star fruit picked the last couple of days to share with the men on campus for their annual district conference.

Most of the men arrived on Wednesday afternoon and will leave tomorrow afternoon after morning worship.

Yesterday the three of us spent 2.5 hours doing blood pressure screening and sharing health information.

What Eli left behind...and lots of great memories 
We checked about 116 people, sending one to clinic and a second told to go to clinic the next day for very high blood pressures.

A few people were busy at that time so we will check some more in between meetings this afternoon. [if the meetings get done in time]

No word about our adoption...Tuesday we should learn something about our social worker's trip.

Thursday we brought Eli to the airport in Cap Haitian, said our farewells, got our last hugs for a while, and then did some shopping before coming home: veggies, creole books for the lending library, paper for newsletters and educational handouts, food, a small tub of ice cream, and fried food.

Eli ran into a couple delays but made it to Michigan mid-afternoon on Friday, very tired. He spent today doing some paperwork, shopping, unpacking, packing, and family time as he heads back to Calvin tomorrow afternoon.

For the first time since Eli and Anna started school we did NOT do any home-school while in Haiti for one whole month. We've only ever gone a couple of weeks...but both did do some studies -German and PSAT prep.

They enjoyed the extra time together. Monday school starts for both of them.

Hot and need of rain. The spring in a ravine by one of the gardens across the river dried up this week.

Some of the more drought sensitive newly planted trees are wilting.  Most weeds are still growing rapidly.

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