Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Update and more VB pictures

Wednesday already.

Anna slept over 12 hours on Sunday night and continues to get a bit more sleep than normal.

She stayed in yesterday afternoon and did not go play volleyball for fun as her ankle complained a bit about all the volleyball.

 Monday and today she opens library for an hour in the afternoon.

Cory visited the gardens yesterday and everything is doing well with the recent rains.
Goats even here, they are good at jumping!
Office work, school work, garden work...not real exciting.

At the end of the month all the Global Partner missionaries will travel to Houghton, New York for the Amplifying Mission Summit.

Due to the adoption delays we've not known how many of our family could attend.

Anna's working hard on her school work as her goal is to complete the year [6 more weeks of work] before going to New York. We know she can do it.

So we purchased my ticket today.

Mixed feelings-happy to be able to see Eli at the end of the month, visit with friends who live in far-away countries we have not seen in years, and enjoy a bit of spring in the USA.

Sad because it means at least a month before the possibility of seeing F, if our paperwork moves forward.

Please continue to pray that our paperwork moves forward, as we're at one year after our socialization visit.

Some people only stay a couple months at this step...not 12+ months.

We need our adoption authorization to be signed and chart released into courts.

One year ago our referral was finally signed after we waited over 15 months.

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