Saturday, May 21, 2016


For the last year or more the kids and I occasionally talk about our lost or lack of anticipation.
National Volleyball medal. 

A big part of this I think stems from living with the unknown, long, drawn-out adoption journey.

For years now almost every plan comes with the added stipulation 'unless X occurs with our adoption'.

This underlining unstably drains away one's excitement and anticipation of happy, positive events replacing those feelings with more protective, thoughts of possible events that could happen to prevent, block, or delay the event.

Another large part of stuffing down positive thoughts of the future come from living in Haiti. Any plan may need to be changed due to weather, protests, other people changing plans, delays in travel, lacking resources, something breaking down, or emergencies.

But does not prevent us checking off days on the calendar for big events.

For over a year, both Eli and Anna have been looking forward to the Amplifying Missions Summit that will be held in Houghton, New York.  They always enjoy hanging out with other Global Partners missionary kids and most will be attending.

Due to the adoption wait we first purchased tickets for Cory, Eli, and Anna.  My tickets were purchased this month and then Eli's for coming to Haiti after the Summit for some time with us.

In 9 days, Lord willing we will see Eli, in New York!!  We will also see other friends, make new ones and enjoy a week with our peers. The only down side will be that we will not have a chance to visit our family and friends in  Michigan.

Eli finished up his freshman year of college this week and moved his belongings to my folk's home in Allegan. He's enjoying a week of resting up, sorting stuff, packing, eating good food, and hanging out with family.

This next week we will prepare for the trip, finish up Anna's school year, help Eli decide about what to pack, as well as packing ourselves.

We continue to pray for movement with our adoption paperwork. We've now waited more than five times longer than some families to clear this step. No reasons given. We know the Lord remains in control and has a plan. We hear our boy continues to do well and pray as we do for movement soon.

He also prays daily for his goats, which he knows he will be getting once he can move to his new home.

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Missus Wookie said...

You aren't alone in praying daily for your adoption. So hoping there is news soon.