Friday, April 29, 2016

VB Update for those not on FB.

Cory called a few times.

The trip in the bus over the mountain switchbacks proved to be to much for some of the players stomachs. Either Anna or Jean Pierre must of remembered that Cory carries plastic bags in the truck or the bus pulled over.

When he called me they were over the big mountain so everyone should have had a better trip.

Cory made a couple stops to drop off fruits, trees/plants, and Konsey books.

He said that the Center is very nice and what you'd expect at a sports center in the USA: nice rooms with fan, bathrooms, a dining hall, 6 volleyball courts, and good security.

Anna's sharing a room with 3 other players and I think Cory said he was in with one other man-a teacher.

They enjoyed a good supper of rice and beans but were only provided with small bags of water. So JP and Cory went out and purchases bottled water for the teams. Today they plan to get some large 5 gallon water to use to refill the individual waters.

About bed time Cory called again. They did not end up playing any games as some of the teams arrived late. He noted it was quit nosey as the rooms are open at the top for ventilation.

Breakfast today should be at 6 a.m. They talked about the teams from Port playing first as they do not overnight at the Center. Will see.

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