Saturday, April 16, 2016

Normal week..

Nothing really big this week, just lots of little things: planting, weeding, school, office work, email consulting, planning travel to the GP Summit....

Hot and muggy with lots of mosquitoes around. Continuing to pray for the pregnant women who are at increased risk of problems due to the Zika virus, as well as praying for a vaccine.

Four of our local volleyball teams that won last week returned to Cap Haitian today to qualify for next month's finals in Port-au-Prince.

All returned victorious, so there will be lots of practicing on campus during the next two weeks.

Gardens continue to grow well with the sunny days and occasional night rains.

Goats and cows continue to be an issue on campus with a few trees damaged this week.

Two goats held for a while in the shed until their owners could be talked to again.

Sadly, no adoption news.

Eli had a good week at college.

Anna finished up geography and chemistry class for the year and started a SAT math review class.

Enjoyed chatting about health everyday this week with patients waiting to be seen at clinic as well as getting to know some of the school children better.

Tomorrow morning's church service will tie up a week of evangelistic meetings.

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