Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend

Friday morning we joined our church for a service of singing and the reading of the Lord's 7 sayings from the cross plus "5 minute" reflections on each quote.

Saturday morning Cory and I walked up to Gener's garden to check on the fruit trees.

Along the walk we met Brother Benjamin from our church who insisted on accompanying us up the mountain.

Two young cows tied in the garden negated Gener's telling Cory that no cows were allowed. Pictures taken and the trees checked. With the amount of gazing that had happened it was surprising that only two or three were cut off by animals and will probably recover.

I cooked some while Anna worked hard with a toothpick making very pretty Easter eggs.

Later in the day Jean Pierre asked if he and two of his daughters could join us for the missionary Sunrise service at the International school instead of meeting us at the Haitian church we planned to visit afterwards.

A quick phone call to one of the organizers confirmed that they could come and had us boiling up more eggs to bring for the breakfast which followed the service.

With the time not changing we didn't actually get to see the sun rise as it was already up as we crested the last mountain to drop into the valley, but pretty anyway.

Following a meaningful English service, tasty breakfast, and good fellowship with missionary friends we loaded back into the truck.

We figured we'd be a bit late but decided to visit the Camp Louise church even though we'd not been able to talk to the pastor about service times.

We waited to enter the church as they moved some folks to make room for us.

The pastor preached to a packed out church and was already well into his sermon.

He did introduce us before the last song, prayer and benediction.

We greeted folks and were presently surprised to see Konsey books in the hands of some of the adults as well as children.

Even with a short trip to the beach near the church we made it back home in time to greet a few of the Fauche members as church on campus had just released.

This morning, Anna headed down for volleyball practice only to learn that while the students didn't think school would be starting today some of the teachers no practice and because the students did not come, no school for campus..other than Anna.

Strong sunshine and no recent rains means that Cory and the guys will be spending more and more time watering trees while we pray for rain.

The local corn, beans, and peanut gardens are starting well but need rain soon.

LaGonave and other parts of Haiti also badly need rain.

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