Saturday, February 27, 2016

Local rice and update

Cory remains busy with the nursery, gardens and grafting trees.

Anna and I work on school.

Thursday we will go to Cap Haitian to join the Lutheran Holy Cross medical team for five days of clinics.

While parts of Haiti continue to desperately need rain, our area continues to have enough.

People in the area continue to come down with Zika, and a few Cholera patients are at clinic.

Eli is working hard preparing for his first tests of bithe semester.
No news about our adoption or updates on F.

This week we received a 5 gallon bucket full of hand picked rice from the big garden.

The amount of work required to produce local rice is impressive.

The garden is hoed, a pinch of seed put in individual patches, at least one weeding with hand tools (like a machette), hand picking individual seed heads as they mature, and scaring birds away.

A portion of this freshly picked rice was given to Cory from the share cropper.

Genner then needed to toast the rice, dry it for two days in the sun, then pay just over $1 at the mill, resulting in about 10 pounds of nearly ready to cook rice, after the bad grains and remaining hulls are removed (a few per tablespoon full, so a lot of cleaning for our cooks to do).


Bruce said...

What about feeding the unmilled rice hulls t
o a pig and then eating the bacon? Tasty and cuts down on the work.

Bruce said...

Continuing to pray for your complete family.