Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter weather.

A second gloomy, drizzly and cold day in Fauche. With daytime temperatures in the lower 70's, most of our neighbors are staying home with all shutters shut.

Yesterday's proposed presidential elections did not occur, and protesters continue to cause trouble in Port-au-Prince. Please pray for the leadership to make wise decisions on how to proceed and for peace to cover the country.

Eli will finish up his January class this week and start a full load on Monday. He's most worried about German, a requirement for summer classes in Germany that he wants to participate in this summer.

Anna will try to participate in volleyball practice for the first time today, since twisting her ankle.

I'm working on office work and reading an interesting book on how our bodies, minds, and brains change due to trauma and possible methods to promote healing.

Just added a blog about coping with the wait on Graphing Treasures.

Cory visited the new large garden on Friday.

Only a few fruit trees had some burned leaves from the dry weather, everything else looked good.

 No trees have died so far which is impressive considering several hundred were planted.

A small spring a few hundred feet up the ravine allowed watering of the trees a couple times during the "dry" spell of 6 weeks with only 1 1/2 inches of rain.

Cory is thankful for God's provision of this fertile garden and nearby spring.

5" of gentle rain fell during the past week so the gardens are soaked.

Yvon and Gener planted perennial peanut in the sweet potato patches while Cory checked the garden and planted a few more fruit trees.

He also transplanted some mango seedlings from the ravine to graft next year.

The share crops of sweet potato, corn and rice are growing well.

Some of the local rice suffered from the dry weather since irrigation is not available.

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