Friday, December 4, 2015

New Garden

End of the week already.

Busy week in the new garden with Monday and Tuesday planting the new land with trees. 

In addition to planting, the guys worked hard to finish a path bordering two sides of the land. 

The stream eroded one of the sides years ago, so people cut through the middle of the garden, since it was pasture.

Last week Wednesday the first path was planted with help from more than a dozen neighbors in exchange for a rice and chicken meal cooked by Cory's gardener, Gener.

Typical double row "Penguin" path.  First Purchased garden on left.
One near-by garden owner who wanted the new path offered to provide the spiny "penguin" plants if the two old paths could be joined.

So by planting a double row of penguins, new paths formed on two sides of the land.

The heavy rains from last week emphasized the importance of working on drainage channels as the heavy clay soil still supports standing water this week. 

Drainage will also improve now that cattle are not trampling the wet soil.

Anna and I continued to work on school work, as well as our next newsletter. 

The local school children sat for exams this week. 

Hard to believe that Christmas will be here in three weeks.

Eli’s first semester in college will be done in two weeks, next week he will take a chemistry test and then a week of finals before traveling to Haiti. 

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Chris and Kath Sloan said...

I bet you're looking forward to seeing Eli!! Continuing to pray for son #2 as well :) Praying God gives you the strength to wait each day/hour until he's HOME!