Sunday, November 22, 2015

Travel time.

Packed and ready to head out early tomorrow morning.

One big family thankful, we finished the final edit of the Creole Konsey Health book on Friday. For the first time in over 5 1/2 years we do not have a Konsey book waiting for us to work on improving!

We plan to catch the public ferry heading to LaGonave close to noon.

We will spend Tuesday and Wednesday in team meetings and enjoy celebrating American Thanksgiving on Wednesday night.

This will be the first time in nine years that we celebrated with any of the Global Partners team.

On Saturday we will celebrate with some of the missionaries in the North.

Then following breakfast on Thursday some of us will take the boat back to the mainland and head home.

I'm thankful for the distractions because with praying for a Thanksgiving miracle, I know I would be tempted to spend my days checking for the email letting us know that our chart exited IBESR.

Tropical 'fall' colors. 
Eli enjoyed a weekend with some family time, hunting, and a visit from a fellow missionary Kid before finding out that his old computer picked up a major computer virus.

Thankfully he emailed his papers right before the crash.

Praying for any protests to stay non-violent as people continue to talk about fraud in the elections and perhaps needing to post-pone the December elections.

Praying for government workers to be able to work, schools to be open, the road to be clear.

Praying for good meetings and fellowship with our team.

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends in the USA. All praise, glory, and honor to our Lord and Savior.

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