Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Prayers needed.

The night prior to taking office, President Martelly requested a night of prayer, and the evangelical churches responded.
So after Cory and I put the children to bed we headed down to church to join in the prayer service.

I remember several interesting parts to that night, including a specific prayer at midnight asking the Lord to neutralize all the curses being placed at that time.

The people prayed for forgiveness on behalf of their countryman and prayed for two local witch doctors by name. I remember one of the names and have prayed for that women for almost five years.

Following a night of distant drums, I thought about her as well as the family down the road whose house we visited at least twice during prayer walks.

I knew that our area is home to several others so I decided to see if I could get a list to pray for by name.

I really did not think much about it. I prefer to pray specifically about things rather than general.

A few days after that request I was informed that the list continued to grow, and that they had twenty names already.

Twenty shocked me!  I had no idea. After the list made it to me, I counted 45 names of Voodoo priests and priesteses living within about five miles of our house. In the same area, four Wesleyan churches exist.

45 people where we live actively lead worship, pray to, and serve the devil.
45 people live in fear and bondage.
45 people that others fear.

Thankful that some of the children from these families attend Kid's Club on Sundays and hear the Truth. Thankful that some of our churches use the Konsey books to reach out to the Voodoo priests, putting into their hands not only 'Advice to Live Better' but the plan of salvation.

Lord bring revival. Shine Your Light into every dark corner. Amplify Your Word. Help the scales fall from blind eyes and show them Your truth. Let their deaf ears be open to Your life giving voice. Soften their hard hearts with Your healing touch. Transform them. Wash them white as snow. Adopt them into Your family.

[Contact me if  you would like the list of names for your prayers]

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