Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Port Margot Church visit

Cooler nights this weekend with over 3 inches of rain on Friday night helped us to sleep better, and the plants and trees are already looking healthier.

The riverbed that dried to nothing in spots this summer again carries water for washing, bathing, and watering animals.

Studies, office work, and house work occupied our time on Saturday.

We had talked about taking our visitors to the beach, but due to the heavy rains decided to postpone.

Sunday we went to church down the road to Port Margot where we enjoyed hearing Pastor Wes preach after he, Susie and Met. Alert [their Creole teacher] sing special music.

Always interesting when you know both languages to hear someone talk using a translator. We heard two different messages on Sunday, that overlapped maybe 60%. Both were good.

We also enjoyed two choirs singing, seeing two babies dedicated, and best of all 21 people who will be baptized next week in the Port Margot church.

I plan to have Cory blog this week about the new garden land purchased in the name of the church this week. This will be a good location for some of Cory's 700 peach palms still waiting for planting.

Anna's schooling is settling down into a routine and this week she will add two hours of French tutoring. We decided that I'm slowing her up so for now I'll focus on Rosetta Stone.

Presidential Elections should occur on Sunday. Elections in Haiti tend to stir up protests and violence so praying for peace.

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