Friday, August 28, 2015

Please pray for Haiti as it looks like tropical storm Erika could dump lots of rain on the north coast and produce some high winds. 

On Wednesday, we celebrated Eli's 18th birthday with Cory's family.

We did some shopping while Cory's mom took the older cousins to a local place for some games like laser tag and pizza.

Thursday we headed out to Calvin after an early lunch. We signed in and picked up our name tags.

Eli quickly joined the mixer games already in process.

I know how privileged we are to get to experience the International student orientation with Eli and even just getting to drop him off at college. Many families living over-seas do not get this chance.

Groups took tours of Calvin's campus before we headed to dinner. Eli went in one group while we joined another. A very nice and compact campus so at least Eli will not need to hike across long distances come winter time.

We chatted with some of the other parents. Close to 10% of Calvin's students come from other countries.

While some of the international students will be arriving this morning between 115 to 120 will participate in International Passport orientation.

Calvin students represent 55 different countries!

I'll try to keep you posted but with a very full schedule the next few days you may need to wait for details until after Wednesday.

I'm starting to like the whole texting option, just need to figure out how to continue once we return to Haiti and leave grandma's phone behind.

 Eli slept well but needs a blanket as he got cold.

He only brought the basics as he will not move into his room until Sunday afternoon.

Today the parents will be sitting in on a banking talk, visiting downtown Grand Rapids and then enjoying a welcome reception and dinner.

 Anna plans to join us for Saturday and Sunday's activities.

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