Friday, July 10, 2015

Volleyball, travel, and pictures.

Friday and we will hit the road, heading out to explore a bit of the east side of Michigan.

Anna enjoyed her time at volleyball camp, learning more about her favorite sport.

She strives to continue to improve and even played one night with the Allegan team.

Next week Tuesday, she will be having her wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday.

Eli drove various locations and helped Grandpa with some lawnmower repairs.

We checked out the library at Calvin on Monday and he returned there on Wed. while Cory did some shopping.

Office work in better shape and yesterday I found more books and stuff in a small hall closet.

 Next week we will donate a large pile of items and larger pile of books and old medical magazines.

We will enjoy our exploring the next couple days before we share with Wesley Chapel on Sunday.

We hope to visit the thumb before returning on Sunday night.

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