Friday, April 10, 2015

Good-byes, labs and volleyball

Nice morning.

Everyone but Cory and I ate breakfast because we needed to have some lab work drawn in Cap Haitian to prove we're healthy enough to return for a new term.

Then we headed out to try to get a family picture for our new prayer card.

We tried at the Citadel this week but wind, sun and the long hike up the hill did not make for good pictures.

Not good enough for us to look at many times during the next 4 years.

Then we thought we had one picked out from some my mom took in January but when we sent it to Global Partners our picture was too vertical to fit the card well.

So we tried again. Think we have one now but have to vote yet.

Two loads of towels and sheets on the line before we needed to head to the airport.

Anna stayed home as she would need to leave for a volleyball match about noon and Eli because he doesn't like to travel for good-byes.

As we didn't need to leave until about 10 a.m. a bit of time for a few office type jobs and playing a few games of Pit or computer games.

Just before 10 we loaded the truck and said our prayers. Good-byes to the kids.

Not very far down the road to Limbè the traffic stopped. A road block that involved the UN. So I walked up to see what the problem was so we could work on a Plan B if needed.

Two motorcycles in the right hand-lane near a man with a small bandage about 4x4 on his leg.

The UN carrier blocked the other lane of traffic.

I found a nice lady to ask the UN guys how long they thought the road would be closed as we needed to be at the airport by noon....but didn't get much of an answer.

But the UN now knew we were waiting and had a important deadline.

So we waited a bit and Cory called some missionary friends on the other side of the road block for taxi recommendations if we needed them.

A local mayor was involved with the accident and insisted that the bikes not be moved until the police came.

Told everyone to start to pray. After a bit the trucks in front of us loaded up and after a Red-Cross vehicle passed us, the road opened up.

Never saw a police officer but thankful to be moving and we made it to the airport about 10 minutes before our goal time.

More good-byes and then Cory and I headed off to the lab. No line so didn't take us very long.

Then a quick stop at a bookstore, the place for frozen chicken legs, stop for gas and rapidly headed home to see if we could catch part of Anna's game.

Girls game was 1/2 done by the time we reached Port Margot. First time I saw Anna play in a match against a visiting team.

They won both games and then the boys started.

The girl's team decided to jump in our truck to save themselves the 20 minute walk home as did a few of the very small children.

Long day but a good day.

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