Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Team Day and prayers

Well our Warsaw Team of 5 should begin the air heading our direction.

Cory and Jean Pierre left a bit ago heading for Cap Haitian to fit in some shopping before the airport run.

Enjoyed a light rain last night that totaled less than an inch. We did not really need rain but it will help the newly planted peach palms and flowers.

Anna's feeling better. She decided not to play on the school's volleyball team as she does not attend the school but Jean Pierre informed her that they already obtained permission and she should play in Saturday afternoon's game.

Cleaning, organizing, paperwork and school filled the end of last week and yesterday. Our updated adoption paperwork sits signed, notarized, and copied. Only a family photo needs to be printed and added to the pile so that it can be mailed to the USA.

Looking into tickets for the trip to the USA. Permission granted to purchase once we find the right flights. Sobering to realize there will be only 3 return tickets.

Cory's grandfather passed away yesterday. Thankful for good hospice care which kept him comfortable. Please be in prayer for the family.

Jean Pierre checked on the Konsey II books and they arrived in Haiti. No news yet when they will clear customs but knowing that they will need to be picked up the same day they clear we will prepare the storage areas.

Please continue to pray for Haiti's government and people.  Multiple areas with protests. We hear that the public school teachers, mailmen and doctors have not been payed the last couple of months. Tensions remain high between Haiti and the Dominican as well due to immigration policies. A general [national?] transportation strike may occur on Monday and Tuesday.

[pictures from the peach palm garden walk/location]

Will try to blog later but if it's raining like last night may not be possible, then expect the first team blog sometime tomorrow, Lord willing.

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Missus Wookie said...

Been thinking of you, and added you to a list of 'prayers for Haiti' too. Glad to hear Anna is feeling better.