Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Internet, gardens and Anna

Thankful that our prayers to get our internet system running again were answered with a phone call to the technician. Needed to wait a couple days due to the Carnival holiday but connected today and am enjoying being connected to the world again with a faster system.

Cory spent every morning this week and a few of last week visiting local gardens looking for a total of about 2 acres to rent for 6 years.

His peach palm trees and some other fruits are ready to be planted.

Anna's feeling much better but not yet at 100%.

For those not on Facebook, last week she broke out in hives on Tuesday night, by Wed. night had stomach issues, on Thursday got an IV and a fever, felt a bit better on Friday and by Saturday we felt comfortable taking the IV back out.

Not a very exciting Valentines day but this weekend we will celebrate her birthday and make up for the missed celebration.

She did make it to volleyball practice this morning but skipped this afternoon's practice. When the local school has days off the team practices.

Eli continues to work at school. He recently received a scholarship from Sonlight, the curriculum we use as our spine. Interestedly the top winner will be attending Calvin as well.

Tomorrow Cory plans to do some banking, shopping and office work so that they can go and plant a  field with peach palms on Friday if the weather is good.

The rental land is one of the gardens a family has that attends our church. The trees will be planted and then the farmer will plant and harvest his corn crop since he already hired people to hoe the land to prepare for a corn crop.

This will save hiring the heavy hoeing to loosen the soil compacted by grazing cows.

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