Monday, February 9, 2015

Home Again

Sorry for the break in blogs but the Haitian Internet remained slow and the days busy with meetings, talking in small groups, and visiting friends.

While we hoped to stay on LaGonave yesterday to have additional time with the missionaries the talk about a transportation strike even bigger than last week's sent us home yesterday.

We did not see any problems and only noticed a larger number of fuel trucks heading back toward Port-au-Prince.

The third LaGonave Summit attended by faith-based groups and organizations working on LaGonave consisted of presentations that included: adult literacy, clean water, agriculture, small business, rural medical clinics, the hospital transition, and the spiritual aspect.

 Both days then concluded with smaller discussion groups to further talk about these issues.

During meals, before and after the talks people formed new relationships and continued to explore details, ideas and goals of expanding the impact of the different projects on LaGonave.

The over riding theme of this summit is to connect people to help in the work, avoid overlapping and wasting of resources and expand the networks to include the whole island.

One of the groups we worked with on home visits last year talked about the Konsey book which was wonderful and we sold close to 140 copies and one box of 36 of the second Konsey book that is not yet in Haiti.

Great to see a few of the nurses and see the new hospital being used.

Did not have enough time to see the old guest house now pharmacy or as many friends and staff as we would have liked.

Eli and Anna enjoyed spending time with some of the other missionary kids.

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marcia said...

What a great recap of the summit--Wish I could steal your whole post. It was so nice to have you all here!