Saturday, January 31, 2015

Rain and more rain.

A wet, sloppy week that helped us get more office and school work done.

The first batch of rain started Wednesday about 5am and ended Thursday night and left 4.5 inches of rain on the Fauche campus. We prayed that the rain clouds would move on to Southern Haiti where a drought exists. Know that this rain system did cover a large part of Haiti.

Friday morning the sun greeted us. YEAH! A load of laundry dried on the line while the solar panels recharged our battery bank.

Then late Friday the rain started again and continued through last morning we already received an additional  10.5  of rain bringing this weeks total to more than 15 inches. And it's still raining lightly now.

If you are seeing a pattern that follows the USA fronts, yes, they are the same cold fronts that drop down through the USA, Caribbean, hit the mountains of N. Haiti, and drop rain on us, while the rest of Haiti usually is still hot and dry. One more front going through the midwest this weekend. We hope it does't give us a bad sea crossing to LaGonave next week.

Big praises this week: the second Konsey book shipped from the publisher. While we have not seen it yet a friend wrote this "The book looks wonderful with a very inviting cover which should get much attention by those in Haiti."

Adoption praise. Our fingerprints that we tried to have redone in Dec. at the USA Embassy in PAP were 'refreshed' this week. We also heard from our agency and social worker and have a better idea what to do now to renew our paperwork. Will work on the medical items this week during our visit to LaGonave and are asking around for a 'local' social worker [or at least one in Haiti] who can make a quick visit and write a one page update for our social worker.

Eli finished up a couple scholarship applications. We also signed him up for a one-week transition seminar in Colorado Springs in July. This is for kids raised overseas moving back to the USA.

We worked on thank you letters, a photo book for Eli, some on-line shopping, correspondence, reviewed our list of supporting churches to see who's on the top to be contacted first for potential visits in the USA [the list changes with the most recent visits moving to the bottom of the list], reviewed more potential scholarships, graded papers, worked on next weeks travel plans...

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