Sunday, September 14, 2014

Looking back and forward..

A week containing lots of looking back and remembering.
Nice looking cow but......

September 11: My maternal Grandfather's birthday [he would have been 99], the 8th anniversary of his heavenly home going, the memories of 9-11 and the biggest one for Cory, Eli and I was moving to LaGonave 16 years ago. Anna celebrated with us even though it was before her time.

September 13: Remembering my maternal Grandmother's heavenly home going two years ago.

Tomorrow September 15th: My Dad's birthday as well as my folks anniversary!

she likes to eat and damage bread fruit trees. 
Reviewing lessons learned with Dr. Bob and Marcia about missions, living in Haiti, life. We continue to enjoy their visit while they work on their Creole.

They tried boiled and salted oil palm fruits, bread nuts and avocado smoothies this week.

If all goes according to plan 'A' the mission driver will arrive from Port-au-Prince on Friday so that they can get an early start on the road, Saturday morning.

The above cow damaged about 8 of the small breadfruit trees in the garden that Cory uses for cuttings for the nursery, snapping one off totally!

Her owner after much talk about the 'accident' (and multiple past livestock offenses, this time it appears someone chased the very tame cow to force it through the garden fencerow) did send money to pay for the broken tree as Cory requested.

Excited to learn about 4 adoption referrals that occurred last week while we continue to pray for movement for the families in the different stages of the process.

Visited the Nazareth Wesleyan Church this morning with our guests.

After service one of the leaders came to talk to me about a young girl.

The church took up a special offering to get her  some medical testing which occurred last week.

She's 12 years old and has a heart condition as they preformed an ECHO cardiogram.

Still waiting for the test results and to learn about treatment options.

Please pray..not sure how to spell it but her name sounds like Edling.

 This week: school, working on the book, Cory to Cap Haitian on Tuesday for cargo and shopping, he will bring Dr. Bob and Marcia to Milo to visit the Citidel and palace while he shops and pick them up later.

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