Thursday, September 4, 2014

Celebrating Eli

Yesterday, we skipped school to celebrate Eli.

The other's played a game of Risk, making Eli happy. Smiles at the start of the game.

We enjoyed homemade taco's for supper with hot fudge cake!

As a surprise our guests shared  a small container of vanilla ice cream they'd bought on their trip to Cap Haitian Tuesday with Cory.

They also brought a small ice cream maker with them to Haiti. Due to issues of freezer space we're still waiting for the batch, started yesterday afternoon to harden.

Anna's been checking and looks like we may have some ice cream to taste this afternoon.

As we unplug the bigger chest freezer when the sun stops powering the solar panels in the late afternoon we'll need  to eat the ice cream this afternoon.

We also celebrated Eli today by printing out the last paperwork needed for his application to Calvin College.

So next week on the MFI mail plane the envelope will be heading to the USA.

 On the MFI plane that picks up the mail from Port-au-Prince will be the needed, non-family member written, character letter of recommendation.

Hard to believe that likely next year Eli will celebrate his birthday as a college student!

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