Saturday, August 16, 2014

Seven Years at Fauche and an Invitation.

Middle of the move-stuff on the boat.
Seven years ago, we started to try to put our new Fauche house in order that had been unloaded from a truck in approximately 20 minutes the afternoon before under threat of a thunderstorm.

Piles of stuff needed to be moved just to be able to put something in its correct location.

 Thankfully we have only had one major move  in 16 years and one minor across the LaGonave campus.

In seven years, Eli and Anna switched bedrooms and we also changed where we eat meals.

First day of international school
Many things remain the same.

Others are very different now.

Solar power, dramatically lowering our dependence on the irregular and rare government electricity is a huge improvement.

No more long trips to the international school over bad roads.

 Now with six years of home schooling with Sonlight we happily learn at home.

More than 100+ new species of trees and plants currently call campus their home.

7 years ago.
Church visit in the north.
Some of the fruit trees have produced exotic fruits despite the issues of grubs, too much rain, heavy clay soil and the occasional goat/cow attack.

Teams improved and worked on almost every building on campus during the last seven years.

Same faithful truck.

Same excitement over visitors.

Should you like to join a team Kris' folks have room for you to join them on a visit here.

They will come earlier to spend Christmas with us but will be staying on for a few weeks.
Last ride to school!!

With American Airlines planning to start flights directly into Cap Haitian, the ticket prices improved as well as the ease of coming to the north.

The team will be leaving Haiti on January 21st with an overnight in Florida. Planned arrival around the 7th of January would make a two-week trip.

Please let us or Kris' folks know if you'd like to visit.

Current project includes making church benches, but more projects will be added once the skills of the team are known, and the leadership's to-do list explored.
Come see for your self!

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