Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Team's second to last day

Hello from Haiti!

Today has been an amazing day! Early this morning we went on prayer walks. We visited 11 houses, the people were very welcoming for that early in the morning. How many American women would welcome strangers into their homes or let us take pictures of them before they have gotten ready? They loved having us pray for them and always asked us to pray for their families.

Kimberly gave her massage class today. At first only 10 people showed up and soon turned into 80! They were all very excited and fighting to get onto the table, at one time 3 or 4 people were on 1 table!! The class was very successful their was one star student who will make a very good massage therapist!

Then Madame John Pierre gave us tub balancing lessons! We all learned how to balance tubs filled with containers on our heads like true haitians! Stacy did well, but Kimberly and Peggy walked all the way up to the house with tubs on their heads!!

The rest of the evening was filled with soccer and arm wrestling, Pastor Jay is going to need to pump some iron when he gets home. :) The dinner was amazing haitian spaghetti. We also heard parrots today!

We have one more full day in beautiful Haiti. Some of us are ready to go and other wish they could stay forever. Keep sending prayers!!!

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