Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Our Final Evening in Fauche

Greetings to all on our final evening in Haiti!! It has been a very busy, productive day. After breakfast most of the team took the trek up to the top of the mountain that is virtually in the back yard of the compound. Everyone was able to make it to the top, although we stopped numerous times to "take some photos" and catch our breath.  The view was amazing and caused each of us to marvel at God's creation. It was interesting to see men farming the side of the mountain, goats grazing and people zipping up an down while carrying heavy loads on their heads or shoulders. We all had a sense of satisfaction when we safely and successfully made it back home. 

After a quick moment to catch our breath, Janet headed off to varnish some cabinets and shelves while the rest of the team donned gloves and gathered trash around the school. We weren't able to get everything cleaned up, but we did make a good dent and were able to chat with some of the children during their lunch time. 

We enjoyed a great lunch of beef pot pie while we talked about our experiences of the day and then headed off to begin packing for our journey home, spend some more quality time with the kids, or catch up on some much needed rest. 

We had the privilege of hearing from Pastor Dieucel about Compassion International. He shared with us what Compassion does for the children here in Haiti and around the world. After spending this time with the people here in Fauche, it has inspired many of us to join in the efforts of Compassion and support the program. 

We headed back to Port Margo to give our final Bible School and were able to minister to approximately 150 children. It was so good to hear their laughter and the beautiful sound of so many voiced lifted in unison, praising God. 

We have just finished dinner (mmm… pizza!) and Stacy and Kimberly shared a timely devotion regarding serenity, peace and surrendering to God. As we have found that we really had NO control over anything that happened during out time here, we have truly learned to surrender to God and trust in His will. 

It is harder than anyone imagined to say goodbye to the people that we have met over the past week and a half. They are an incredibly beautiful people who have shown us how to look to our Lord in appreciation and trust. We know that God has used each one of us through this experience. God has also blessed and changed each one of us right here in Fauche, Haiti. 

A big thank you to Dr. Kris, Cory, Eli and Anna for their hospitality and their transparency. 

Until tomorrow!!!


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