Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend and last week's Palma palm visit.

Busier day than normal for us yesterday. We hosted Pastor Ducette, National superintendent of the Wesleyan Church in Haiti and his 2 American guests for supper on Saturday, as well as breakfast and lunch on Sunday.

As they were to visit both the Limbeè and Port Margot churches, breakfast was ready at 6 a.m. Because Pastor Denord leads/attends Sunday service at both locations, the Limbeè service is early so that he can travel about 20 minutes and still participate in the Port Margot service.

We then cleaned up, started lunch and attended church here at Fauche. Our guests arrived at 1 for a fast lunch before heading back to Port-au-Prince.

Last night we skyped with a couple planning to move to Haiti and minister with their family [daughter 14 and son 8] in Pingon. While we could not share specifics about their location we answered general questions about life in Haiti and ministry advice.

This week we will focus on school, some office work [including an E-mail update], studies and start working again on the agricultural/plant book.

Cory will pick up cargo at the airport and do some shopping in Cap Haitian tomorrow. 

The second day of our visit to Nan Mango on LaGonave Cory and I rode up on the quad runner. Many memories of our one trip on motorcycle before we moved off LaGonave [30 miles of very rough roads,  bruises, sunburnt inner arms and sore muscles]. 

We enjoyed the trip and stopped off in Palma to check on some date palms that Cory shared with the World Vision guys there. 

One lady let us in while a second watered the garden area. The first women did not think that the date palms had flowered but Cory could see some had. 

He explained the need for pollen and encouraged her to let the folks in charge know and try to get pollen from Jeantiny.

We heard a truck pass while in the gardens and thought that the team likely passed us by so returned to the quad and continued up the mountain. 

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