Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Holidays start and teacher training.

Back to just us and 'normal' activities which translates into not feeling like there's much interesting to blog about these days.

Monday, a holiday in Haiti celebrating the last major battle for Haitian independence fought in the north at Vertières. Because of scheduled protests against President Martelly in Port-au-Prince and Cap Haitian warnings went out from Embassies warning foreigners about possible danger.  A park between us and the airport celebrates & marks the site of this battle. On campus representatives from the northern district spent the day in training for ministry to children.

After being asked to help financially provide this training we realized we had a great opportunity to talk to the children's leaders about an important health issue and being good examples. Cory took a few minutes to share with the group information and to encourage them to not waste their money on something bad for their health…….

Even our team and in our house we rarely indulge in this treat as the teams to visit here can witness to……what am I talking about?

Pop, soda, cola as well as sugary artificial drinks. This topic will be included in the new version of the health book. Interestingly enough on Sunday we caught the end of the Sunday school lesson that talked about smoking being a slow poison…so this topic tied in well.

The training leader visiting from Port-au-Prince sits on the national board so we hope that the message will spread to the rest of Haiti. Some day I hope that visitors can be offered natural fruit juices or water more often than Coke.

Eli, Anna and I continue to organize, plan and study. With all the travel and teams interrupting our school year we just started week 7. Already the rhythm of our days is settling to a better, more efficient pattern.

Our French teacher, Alert returned the last edits of the Konsey health book and I just completed the changes. Now Cory gets a final check and then I can double check the table of contents and finish.

My in-box happily contains less than 30 messages. Cory helped to get the blankets and warm clothes out of storage yesterday and he started Christmas shopping this week. Afternoon rains cooling us down. Grateful for many blessings in my life.

[I also updated the page at the top of the blog 'about us'. A new family picture but please note we stood on a slight hill. Eli only needs a couple inches to reach Cory's height.]

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