Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cap Haitian mid-team report.

Sunday afternoon enjoying a nice afternoon breeze off the ocean while most of the team headed out to visit a second location and attend evening service. As the road they will travel on is the same one we saw a lot of on our 6 hour detour last month we decided to stay behind at the hotel.

Thank you much for praying for us. Friday and Saturday, myself and a nurse saw over 300 school children while Cory talked to some of the staff and pastors about plants and nutrition.

Eli's main job ended up packaging vitamins for the different school classes. Anna helps more with translation and testing the children's vision and helping to fit reading glasses.

Tomorrow we will continue to see students [about 200 to go] as well as adults with medical problems. Cory will be teaching science classes focusing on plants, nutrition and health. Does not know yet what ages the children will be so could be interesting.

This school grew more than 200% in the last year.

This morning we enjoyed service at the church with a small parade of children with the band between two services. Thanks for the prayers and kind words that followed my last post. Did choose to sit outside church this morning under a tarp rather than be under the cement roof but otherwise no issues related back to the earthquake.

Lots of cute children to interact with as well as interesting adults. Lots of education about eating well [pick natural fruits over cola or sugar drinks, keep your fingernails clean, wash hands lots...]

The team [from Ohio 4 first timers and I think 7 return members] they ask good questions and we've enjoyed the discussions at meals and in the afternoons following the day's work.

No pictures yet as we left the computer cord for the camera at home. Will try to post some after we return home on Thursday. Keep praying. [Thank you to those who received the newsletters and followed up by contacting us with E-mails to receive them electronically.]

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