Monday, March 4, 2013

Team on way!

Cory really needs to learn to travel with books like the rest of his family. Today he waited over 7 hours at the airport for the Warsaw/ Michigan team. They waited for most of this time in Port-au-Prince. Waited for the clouds over Cap Haitian to lift. Shortly after Cory and I talked about how to try to talk to the team by telephone [not sure why they didn't call us?] they finally arrived.

Cory did take about one hour to go do some shopping but because the plane from Port could arrive at any time he felt that most of the time he needed to stay at the airport. Not need to figure out who gets to return to the airport tomorrow for the 3 bags due to arrive in the morning.

Eli, Anna and I spent most of the day working on school work. We did venture down to the House of Hope for some last minute cleaning. We also walked down to clinic to pray with Dr. Winick for his first day of work. He asked us to come down earlier when he came to the house for the tools and chair. Pastor Rigo had not yet arrived but Dr. Winick wanted to pray before he started to see patients so we did.

Later this week Dr. Winick will travel to LaGonave to join Dr. Steve's Starfysh team for a dental team trip to the mountains. We look forward to hearing the reports from this trip.

Later Pastor Rigo returned the videos he used for the youth during Carnival. He let me know that a young boy arrived with relatives to see the doctor. Although the swelling of his jaw and the condition of his teeth indicated he also needed to see the dentist the family reported that there was no money for both visits. Thankfully a donation for the care of Haitian children covered his visit. Pastor Rigo borrowed our camera for the picture.

So the tired team should arrive just in time for chicken/vegetable soup and hot cinnamon rolls. I'm sure they and Cory will be weary and turn in early. Thanks for the prayers.

I'm sure that the team did not want to spend a second night in an airport [don't even think that you can stay IN the airport in Port overnight].

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