Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bamboo, English and Konsey Updates

Tuesday turned out warm like yesterday reaching the low 90's added by the nights not cooling off as much as earlier in the month.
Late last week Cory only gave the new timber bamboo a 60% chance of living after the trip North as both plants lost most of their leaves. 

Today at noon in full sun neither plant's leaves drooped and both plants pushed out new leaves this week!

So unless something eats them both should survive their move to the North. 

Cory and guys continue to prepare the yard for the team. Cory repotted some plants as we prepare for the warmer, drier weather. 

Anna continues to practice volleyball with the school team.

Eli started a new ministry today by taking some time after school to help Dr. Winick, our local dentist to practice his English pronunciation.

This will be a mutually beneficial relationship as Dr. Winick helps Eli with his French and Creole.

Our French professor showed up yesterday for the first time after the Warsaw team. I'd assumed he did not come on the 13th or other days because the local school is on vacation.

He'd assumed we would call and confirm.

He completed editing the Konsey book so I gave him a few new topics I plan to add to the next edition.

We plan to have French tomorrow afternoon and then restart following the KCC team's visit next week. 

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