Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Fellowship

Today we drove to the Christian radio station just outside of Cap Haitian for the annual Thanksgiving get together. We also do our best to celebrate Easter Sunrise with this same group and may get to 1-2 Sunday afternoon church services during the year.

I'd guess we knew about 1/2 of the folks there or less. So we visited with some old friends and met some new folks [new to us]. Folks brought dishes to share and also chipped in for the turkey and ham. Many of the traditional foods tasted great-cranberries, rolls, stuffing, mash potatoes with gravy, casseroles-green bean, corn, and sweet potato. Yummy.

Because of a wedding we needed to hurry up a bit so we only sang one song, enjoyed a short devotional and prayer. We helped clean up and chatted while Eli and Anna enjoyed some after dinner football [American style]

A small amount of rain welcomed us home. For the end of November our area is dry with the lawn starting to turn brown. It would be nice if the rain came today and tomorrow so that we would not need to drive through the rain on Monday.

Monday we will head to the Wesleyan boat dock at Croir Luly where I will be staying at the Wesleyan Guest house while Cory, Eli and Anna go to visit LaGonave. I will attend a meeting about the Wesleyan hospital of LaGonave. While I will not visit the island some of the staff will be attending the meeting so I'll have some time to reconnect.

Eli and Anna nicely decorated our living room for Christmas last night. Our small tree, Furdinand had its lights removed for the first time in years. Eli decided the only way to fluff up the tree branches properly and make sure the lights looked right was to take the lights off and then put them back on. I read aloud while the kids decorated. The trees will be put in Eli's room while we're gone so that the cat does not get any ideas.

We enjoyed a short visit from some of the World Hope staff on Friday. Nice but rare when folks drop in and we have a short chance to visit. Eli and Anna completed a day of school before decorating for Christmas. Next week with the trip we will likely only complete a full day on Friday, providing we return home as planed on Thursday.

I think it interesting that our ham in the picture lasted us for 6-7 meals. A rare treat that shows how much less meat we eat now-than we did when we lived in the USA.


Missus Wookie said...

Glad you enjoyed the ham, and had a good day with friends. We had a quiet thanksgiving was lovely to spend it with friends..

Kris Thede said...

While I miss not being with family I do enjoy the quietness of Thanksgiving and Christmas here.