Saturday, April 4, 2009

4 April, 2009

Painting jobs are done for now. Here is the newly repainted room in the House of Hope. Cory and the guys are also hauling rice hulls to put around the trees and flowers.

Right now Cory's project is to help Eli build a bat house. We know there are bats around but will have to see if they like the guys design. I'm told it is slanted a bit to provide room for heavy and thin bats.

Anna and Rose were watching and advising.

Met with the nurses yesterday to discuss how we can better impact the community by our care of expecting moms. We are hoping to start this summer with one/two days a month focusing on Obstetrics. We would like to not only have short educational classes for the pregnant women but to include classes for the local mid-wives. Many Haitians never deliver in a hospital but remain in their homes.


Penny said...

Oh I'd love to know if you see any bats in your bat house. It's on our to do list this spring or summer too!

Cory & Kris Thede said...

We'll be gone for a few months to the States but will let everyone know when we get residents.

Patty said...

Good luck with the bat houses. We put up 2 houses when we moved into our house 15 yrs ago and never had residents unless you count the bird that decided to cut a hole in the side a move in.