Tuesday, April 21, 2009

21 April 09

What a cold and wet day we are having. Nothing like our 80+ degrees back home.

We haven't heard much out of Haiti. Cory has been trying to call the last couple of days but keeps getting a busy signal.

We had some good visiting this weekend. Friday we went with my folks and saw my Grandma DeWent. Saturday the kids and I went to my brother's place. The kids stayed with the cousins while I went to a 100 year birthday party and reconnected with Granny's grandkids.

Saturday night we split up and Cory attended the WISH board meeting/potluck while the kids and I went to the His Hands one. To bad they were on the same night but we were thankful to have a chance to visit and thank these two organizations who have been a big support to our work in Haiti.

Sunday morning we enjoyed attending our 'Michigan home' church in Allegan. I had forgot that we didn't have a chance to visit there in 08 until people kept saying how tall our kids had grown. Then I remembered that it had been two years. Some of the church folk asked us to lunch -which was also nice.

Sunday night we met with my folks small group who let us be a part when ever we're in the USA.

Relationships are so very important to us. I thank the Lord that I am in a position to be reminded on a regular bases how important family and friends are to us. Haitian culture focuses on relationships, our support is based on relationships and growing up on the farm was a 3 generational relationship. I'm glad we're close to our families and enjoying the gift of 'extra' time we had not planned on having in the USA.

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Peter Olson said...

Amen! Relationships are huge. I feel sad that I missed the small group meeting with you. I pray that things are going well in Haiti.

Love you!
Peter & Kim Olson