Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

No big news here. Our visitors from Port delayed a day because of truck repairs. If all goes well we will be greeting them tomorrow in the early afternoon. The beds are made and House of Hope ready for them. Rice hulls still smoldering-

We are working on a newsletter to our wonderful support team. Have just arranged for our return tickets in July. Should be getting back into Haiti early on Monday the 6th of July. Still have a couple of Sunday's open for speaking in May and June.

Cory is also working on setting up a couple of church visits. Both of these are a few hours drive and will be having Harvest services soon. While we like attending Harvest Festivals we don't especially look forward to the ride.

Plants continue to grow and do well. Cory is hopeful for a order from Puerto Rico in the next week or so. A couple of potential issues to pray about-the shipping though the USA would go OK , without delays, that the trip would be short as possible and that the fragile tropical trees would survive being in a box for a few days.

Cory was impressed with the morning glory's flower to leaf size ratio. This is actualy two plants. One has a bud and one has a flower!

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