Friday, March 27, 2009

26th March 09

Many happy smiles and 'thanks' yesterday when the district pastors collected their boxes of books. For anyone who has had a part in supplying Christian Creole materials in Haiti-THANK YOU.

It was a bit of an issue on how to get the books back to the different locations. This truck ended up with 6 pastors in it and at least 6 boxes of books. Some left on motorcycles and others had to leave the books here until they can arrange for transportation.
Cory picked up the third order of banana trees which includes two new varieties. All the plants look good. He was able to obtain more stamps for our news letters and some nice team members helped him to put the stamps on letters at the airport. Thanks!

We hope to get the newsletter out to those of you with E-mail in the next day or so. If you don't receive either copy and would like to-please let us know.

Another exciting happening on the compound yesterday occurred with the destruction of the old church walls. The work rapidly took down the walls. We can now see the road from our house. I'm told that the old wood frames from around the doors has been turned into charcoal.

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