Saturday, February 21, 2009

Feb. 21. Happy Birthday Anna. Prayer request.

Popcorn for about 100 people was bagged up before we ran out of popcorn.
This picture is early on as people continuted to come as the video was shown.

Down where church is currently being held the team showed a Planet Earth film. The kids liked seeing the elephants, and the wild dog chase.

Clean up, cake decoration, paper work, putting things in the new shed, setting up of a solar panel, and other small tasks were the order of the day.

Cooks with their new fancy scarves-a gift from Gerda.

We are thankful for our eight years with Anna. She brings much laughter, energy and singing into our home.

We are praying for a family we know on LaGonave going through a very difficult situation. Please join us in prayer for wisdom and that the situation will ultimately bring people and glory to the Lord.

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