Thursday, February 19, 2009

19th Feb.

The team is starting to wind down their jobs. Cupboards moved into the kitchen of the Dearest House. The table was varnished again. Bath room screen is in place.

Dad, Gene and Gerda went on a garden tour. Here Cory shows them a chocolate pod in the back yard.

Bunk beds were painted for the second time. Shelving for the tool shed put in.
Paint on an old X-ray trunk that will likely end up in Eli's room.
New hooks for the Thedes with the old hat rack moving down to the House of Hope.

Cory and I participated by phone in a mock emergency drill with our crisis team back at Global Partners. Many phone calls first with me then Cory-taking to each of three teams. All three teams were able to locate Cory who was missing.

Demolition started on the Fauche Wesleyan church. The roof is now off. We are told that the walls will also be taken down. A new church is planned.

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